One hour coaching session  - $150/hr 

4 sessions  - $450

COACHING PACKAGES - 4 sessions for $450

Clients leave each package of 4 sessions with a custom made action plan for their next steps. I work with clients on a variety of areas. Here are some of the coaching topics we can work on:

"What's Next?" - three sessions designed to help you figure out what you want next out of life - it could be ANYTHING. 

"Your Health Your Way" - three sessions to figure out your health goals and understand your personal health better. 

"Start Your Start Up" - three sessions to kickstart you aspirations of buisness ownership. 

"Awaken Your Artist" - three sessions to get you back in touch the creativity you once loved and have forgotten. 

"Parents Are People" - three sessions for you to rememeber how to be you, even though you are an overscheduled parent. 

 Get in touch now for your FREE 30 minute discovery call with me. We will talk about why you would like to be coached, how you could benefit and how you prefer to meet (in person, video call, voice call). If we are both happy to proceed we will set up our first session. 

 I love to work with clients who are ready to make a change in their lives. If you think you could benefit from coaching contact me now to set up your FREE 30 minute consultation.