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Get in touch now for your free no obligation 20 minute consultation. We will talk about why you would like to be coached, how you could benefit and how you prefer to meet (in person, video call, voice call). If we are both happy to proceed we will set up our first session. 


  • Individual - 60 minute session or package of 4 sessions
  • "Health Planning" - if you want to focus on health but don't know where to start, this 4 session package will guide you through the start of this journey
  • "We're All Invested" coaching for couples and families. The whole family can get involved in their health and wellness together
  • "Explain Medical" - if your health quest has started with a medical diagnosis, we begin our coaching with tailor made education sessions about your condition (your family is welcome at these sessions)


  • Indvidual - 60 minute session or package of 4 sessions
  • Tag Team - Two Parent Package Tag Team - 2 x 45 minute sessions back to back for parents to share
  • Post Bedtime Coaching - Individual Parent or Tag Team Packages, on the phone, AFTER the kids are tucked up in bed. Take a night off from Netflix and do something different instead. 


  • Individual - 60 minute session or package of 4 sessions

RATES - start with a free no obligation 20 minute consultation, followed by individul sessions $100 or a package of 4 sessions $300

If you think you could benefit from coaching contact me now to set up your free no obigation 20 minute consultation.