“I’m-New-To-All-This" Fitness Bucket List

I love the idea of a Fitness Bucket List – bite-sized, fitness goals that might help me prioritize my physical fitness. I exercise sometimes but I’d love to exercise almost daily. There are some pretty inspiring fitness bucket lists on line with items ranging from running a marathon to a one-mile open water swim (!). 

I’m not at that level… yet. With the exception of a star turn as a lacrosse goalie at high school, I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as an athlete. I marvel at friends and family going through grueling and time-consuming training for events like the Iron Man and Tough Mudder with genuine, open-mouthed admiration but I know this is not for me. 

With the core strength and fitness level of a newborn I need to start somewhere a little less Herculean.  My Goal is to transform myself from an occasional exerciser into bouncy, fit person who is intentionally active every day. 

Here is My Fitness Bucket List:

1. Touch my toes (I have never been able to do this!)

2. Do a cart wheel

3. Do a head stand

4. Run 5k (just me on a treadmill, not the public outdoor type)

5. Join a tennis ladder and play a competitive match

6. Take a course of yoga classes

7. Learn to swim the front crawl (I currently swim an inelegant, self-taught front crawl/breast stroke hybrid)

8. Go stand up paddle boarding

9. Ride my bike every time it stops raining long enough for a fair weather, newbie cyclist

10. Do some sort of exercise daily

Now I have to figure out how to approach my bucket list. A few months ago I enlisted the help of a personal trainer. Together we are working on a range of lifestyle goals – I am becoming intentional about what I do.

 Here is my bucket list progress to date:

- I can ALMOST touch my toes without bending my knees

- I am using a free Couch to 5K app (Zen Labs Fitness) – I can run about 3K (this is the furthest I have ever run)

- I have bought my first bicycle as an adult and take it out as often as possible (read: if it ever stops raining)

- I do 30 minutes or more of something active about 3 times a week – I hope to up this to 5 times.

My list of very achievable short-mid term goals is helping me get active and have some fun. I would love physical activity to be a natural part of my day. This seems to be a fun way to achieve that.

Here are some other Fitness Bucket Lists I enjoyed reading (these are more hardcore than mine!):

I will update this in a few months with progress and hopefully a few new goals. Get in touch if you'd like to share your list. 

Coaching ER

Imagine the ER: ambulance sirens, patients on gurneys, blood, guts and…. more. The VERY first thing every health care professional does to help a patient, no matter what has happened to them, is assess the ABC: 


When ER doctors are confronted by patients in extremis, they rely on this simple, structured approach to manage the situation in an effective, safe manner. 

The ABC is the only thing that matters in the initial phase of saving a life. There is no point in treating anything else or having anything else on the agenda if the ABC is not OK. This structure is drilled into doctors from day one so that in a stressful situation they are not distracted but can cut to the chase and stabilize the patient. 

The same principle can be applied when coaching an emotionally distressed client. 

Imagine now a coaching session: the client arrives in a state of emotional distress. Recent events have turned their world turned upside down and they are unable to focus. Let’s apply a structured approach to managing the situation - a coaching ABC: 

A coach can use this ABC as a technique to avoid being distracted, so they can manage both themselves and the situation effectively. It enables the coach to help the client to arrive, relax and become present in the session, creating the space to concentrate on their agenda.