About Rumeena

Dr Rumeena Bhalla - coach, physician, parent, founder of Sequin Life


I am a UK qualified doctor, based in Seattle, USA,  with 15 years' experience in community health education and mentoring. I began my career in Emergency Medicine, but found a deeper interest in health promotion and disease prevention. I was also a closet artist and longed for a creative career and to have the freedom of being self employed. I undertook an MA in Film and TV Production and set up my first business to make Bollywood style health education comedies. My films are innovative, award winning and proven effective at engaging my target audience.

Over the past 15 years I have developed a portfolio career in health education. I have been a doctor, teacher, health educator, small business owner, film maker, parent, CEO of a non-profit, mentor and coach.  I have also moved continent three times with a young family. I have reinvented myself many times and have learned to listen to my intuition about what should come next. I am currently working towards becoming an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (www.coachfederation.org).


I have benefited hugely from being coached and I am still amazed at what an eye opening, self revelatory process it is. Being coached helped me to move away from feeling I was drowning in a directionless haze of parenting, without any sort of idea of where I wanted to take my life, to examining what was really important to me. Coaching has helped me to  align my actions to my values, getting my life moving in a satisfying direction that feels right for me. 


Great coaching can help you pursue the values and live the life you want. As an expert in reinvention, moving, changing and a health professional I have a lot to offer as a coach. Sequin Life is a place for my clients to find out what makes them sparkle on the inside. As your coach I will work along side you to help you ask yourself the questions you never get time to ask, and seek the answers to move you towards real changes in your life. Whether you want better health, or to better understand your life as a parent, improve your relationships, career, time management - whatever you choose to work on - Sequin Life could help you take your first positive steps.